Solar Power Springfield MO

Going Solar Has Never Been Easier!

  • Get Unlimited FREE Power From the Sun
  • Protect Yourself Against Rising Energy Costs
  • Increase the Value of Your Home
  • Sell Excess Energy Back to the Utility Company!

    We at Solar Power Springfield are committed to anticipating our customers’ solar energy needs.  Our goal is to understand, meet and exceed your expectations as a provider of solar energy and solar hot water systems. As dedicated solar installation professionals, we have a passion for knowledge, providing information to help our customers make good decisions to attain energy independence. We deliver superior value by providing the best most efficient products for the best possible price. We are dedicated to providing excellent service and reliability.

    solar panel savings

    As a young company in a very competitive market, our mission is innovation in the workplace and in the marketplace, Constant innovation in everything we do is essential for our long-term financial success. We strive to be leaders in continuous improvement and our company culture rewards creativity and initiative by all our employees.

    Our company is founded by two lifelong entrepreneurs who lead Southwest Solar Solutions through experience and hard work. We foster this tradition through shared responsibilities while encouraging independence and personal accountability. We believe in solid leadership based on personal example, putting trust in people and promoting team spirit.


    As a local family owned business, we are devoted to our internal community of employees’ well-being and personal development. We reject any form of discrimination and harassment and show understanding and respect in our dealings with each other.
    We are committed to provide a multi-cultural environment where employees work together in teams to enrich our corporate culture and capability. We believe in the value of enduring personal relationships with customers, suppliers and partners.


    Our company and its employees are committed to protecting the environment and being responsible corporate citizens in all communities in which we do business. We take care to ensure the safety of the workplace and of our products. As a family company we strive for the highest standards of personal behavior. Fairness and integrity guide our conduct amongst ourselves, towards our business partners and the public.


    We strongly believe that our commitment to our customers, partners and community is our major strength that will allow us to grow and prosper over the long-term. 
While we are cognizant that these are troubling economic times, by taking reasonable risks while maintaining financial prudence we will continue to expand the scope and speed of our strategic development. Solar Power Springfield has a tradition of co-operation and alliances and partnerships with industry leaders which will enable us to better serve our customers and strengthen our competitive position in the years to come.

    If you are looking for information on solar panels and don’t know where to start, check out our Solar Panels section to learn more about how these photovoltaic cells are derived from silicon and what solar energy means to you.

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